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Miami, Florida. January, 2014 Groove rock heavy funk band Urban Rebel released their single “Awake” ft. Jahred Gomes (from Hed PE) from self-titled EP.

Founded by front man “Trip6″ and bass player “LaC” in 2008, Urban Rebel began to expand and refine their sound by going through a set of both musical and physical changes that would eventually make the band what they are today. By adding female drummer “E” and Jim BOB on guitars, Urban Rebel began to tour all around South Florida with their 5-song demo in early 2010. That same year, Urban Rebel gained a very strong following and started to be proclaimed as one of the best bands that South Florida has to offer. Having created a new genre known as “Street Funk Rock,” the band exudes originality that perfectly complements their non-stop energy and infectious groove.

Having performed at some of the most prestigious venues in South Florida such as The Culture Room, The Stage, and Will Call, Urban Rebel has gained an incredible reputation as a live act. Not only is their energy contagious, but their stage presence and the connection they create with the audience makes them one of the most thrilling shows to watch. It comes to no surprise that not only fans began to realize the amazing performances that Urban Rebel puts on, but the media and other bands began to notice as well. That’s why on December of 2012, Urban Rebel got picked by renowned heavy metal band Seven Dust as their opening act, as well as Hed PE which eventually led to Jahred Gomes (frontman) to participate in Urban Rebel’s first single “Awake.” In addition to that, the band was also the finalists for the 2013 Battle of the Bands to play at Sunfest, which gave them the recognition and buzz that they needed to excel and they also performed at the Latin Grammy’s Showcase in Las Vegas 2013.

Urban Rebel currently has artist DMC from Run DMC collaboration on their single “Broken Mirrors” and is currently working on a music video for release in 2014.

Produced by Grammy and Latin Grammy Award Winner Juan Cristobal Losada and winged under his boutique label Sonic Projects Records.

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